The largest Greek Companies trust us for their security needs.


Security Group 1 practices the international standards with consistency and responsibility, fully observing all of the current safety rules. The company designs, studies and practices high tech security systems and organizes the security at high risk facilities. The perfect organization and staffing with experienced professionals, makes the Company highly competitive and accomplished in the marketplace.

The name “Security Group 1”, as well as the trademark, are registered with the number 159577 of the Ministry of Development, the Division: Trademark Filing dated October 31, 2001. The philosophy of the Security Group 1 is based on the full customers’ satisfaction about the services and the continuous quality control and prevention of problems, with the primary objective of permanent and continuous improvement.

Security Services

Guard services of highly selected and qualified security personnel, adapted to each area’s specificities.

Operational Security Plans

Developing operational security plans, adapted to each area’s specificities.

Communication security services


Incident prevention plans

Crisis confrontation plans

Electronic security systems

Plan development for implementing electronic security systems

Manned Cars and Motorcycles



Patrol with private vehicles, fully equipped and manned.


TV, Camers, Monitors, Videos, motion detectors etc

Guarding Facilities

offices, shops, houses, schools, exhibitions, conferences, industrial facilities

Personal guarding

Personal guarding with highly trained personnel


Security Group 1 is a modern, dynamic Private Security Company, according to the Law 2518/1997, which is located in its private offices in Pentelis5 street, Athens.

The name “Security Group 1”, as well as the trademark, are registered with the number 159577 of the Ministry of Development, the Division: Trademark Filing dated October 31, 2001.


ISO 9001




National Telecommunications and Post Commission License

OHSAS 18001

ISO 27001

ISO 14001

Our Company’s potential can be easily noticed through our work all of these years, from our professional trained staff and mainly through our excellent client list that prefer our company for their security matters. .

The portable equipment of GROUP-1 is constantly updated and enriched with new innovations so that the security staff is always ready to respond to every challenge and carry out every task successfully.

Security Group 1’s personnel is selected based on strict criteria, as stated in the rules of the international standards.
They attend specific communication and public relations seminars for their own general conduct. Our qualified staff teach them the rules about showing interest through constant vigilance in the facilities they guard, abiding the legislations, being punctual at working times and time needed for carrying out each action, as well as obeying the orders about being safe in accordance with the security personnel operating regulations.Almost all of the male guards are coming from army colleges, such as Armed Forces, Commandos, Paratroopers, Marines and Frogmen and they have high sense of duty, because they practice their job with development perspective. While practicing their service, the guards wear the Company’s required uniform, in obedience the customer’s demands.
The Company checks on the proper practice of the guards’ services with control visits (raids) by supervisors, who regularly pass by the areas they guard.


Special attention is given by the administration of the Department of Security Services of Security Group 1, to the hiring, evaluation and training process of the personnel.

Each candidate is subjected to a specific individual interview process in order to be determined whether or not they meet the predefined criteria.

Once it is confirmed that the candidate meets these criteria, they submit an application accompanied with the documents below:

• Criminal records
• Public Prosecutor certification
• Previous Employers’ certification
• Certification of their Military Unit Commander

These documents are taken under consideration and when the hiring of the security guard is approved, his personal file is created by the Company containing:

• Personal information
• ID card copy
• Contract of employment
• Work permit in accordance with the provisions of Law 2518/97 (handled by the Company)
• The supporting documents of the previous paragraph
• Driving license
• Bachelor of foreign language (if available)
• Supporting insurance documents

The Human Resources Manager of the Company is responsible for delivering the Briefing Document of the operation of the company to its new member as a guard. He presents and analyzes the PROCEDURE RULES OF SECURITY GROUP 1 and directs the training process in order for the new personnel to be fully informed on their job requirements and responsibilities.